Asked on Oct 8, 2017

Tree issue

PJ WiseKaren KrysowatyKauai Breeze


Not sure what is going on with this tree and what I have to do to alleviate issue ... we just bought house and any help is appreciated
q tree issue
q tree issue
q tree issue
4 answers
  • Kauai Breeze
    on Oct 8, 2017

    There is nothing wrong with your tree (except it could use some pruning). What you see is lichen. It is a plant that grows on trees and rocks, usually on the north side. It does not harm the tree. Think of it as mother nature's decoration!
  • Karen Krysowaty
    on Oct 8, 2017

    I had this all over the trees in front of my new house and it has not harmed it.
  • PJ Wise
    on Oct 8, 2017

    What you have is lichen, usually caused when the tree is quite shaded or damp, but usually not a major problem. Your tree needs some pruning and the little side suckers from the trunk need to be removed. Since the tree is not real young, I'd prune it slowly (so as not to cause it shock) to open it up to sun and air. You can remove all of the suckers at any time; clip as close to the trunk as possible. The ultimate goal will be to remove all limbs that cross each other ( the first photo, the limb on the bottom, far left, should probably all be moved).
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