Asked on Oct 8, 2017

How to remove and replace a wall

Ralph Barlow


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  • Ralph Barlow
    on Oct 8, 2017

    If the wall you are looking to replace is a bearing wall ( it supports the rafters for the floor above) you have a major job. You will need to install a temporary wall using 2 x 4 lumber on each side of the wall you are removing and then remove the original wall and install a beam in its place. the new beam must be properly sized for the length and the weight above. The end column supports need to be snugged up to keep the new beam at the proper height. You will need to use steel joist hangers to attach the 2nd floor .. floor joist to the new beam. When all of this is done, you can remove the 2 temporary walls and patch the ceiling. Installing your new wall is a piece of cake compared to removing the old one. Standard 2 x 4 lumber for the sill plate, studs and top plate. I recommend using double sill and top plates. Attach the new wall to the existing structure, sheetrock, spackle, paint....... your done....... easy to say..... not so easy to do!!!

    GOOD LUCK.....

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