A,B,C,D... PVC - 3 Awesome PVC Projects Ideas

You'll never believe what can come out of PVC

By Leah Fried

Step 1: Sand off all the words and print

Grab a sander to make your PVC pipes look white and bright!

Step 2: Cut your pipes

Use a hacksaw to cut your pipes to the desired height you would like your lamp or lamps to be

Step 3: Draw out your design

Take a fine point sharpie and draw whatever design you would like to cut out of your pipe

Step 4: Carve out your design

Grab your rotary tool and an appropriate carving tip for the shape you're looking to create and carve it out slowly

Step 5: Clean up the design

Take an X-Acto knife and use it to cut away any flaps of plastic that are still hanging on from the shapes you cut

Step 6: Stick velcro onto your lights

Take some sticky sided velcro dots and place one side on the bottom of your battery powered lights

Step7: Attach your lights to the PVC pipes

Place the other side of the velcro dot on the inside of your designed pipe and attach the light to it

Step 8: Arrange your lights

If you want you can also spray paint the PVC in different colors

Next: Yard Tic-Tac-Toe

Get ready to grab some materials - this is going to be a blast!

Step 1: Spray PVC pieces

Spray paint the PVC pieces with Rustoleum Metallic Copper finish & let them dry. Turn over and spray again

Step 2: Measure, tie and cut rope

Make it 4'x4' - measure out eight 4' sections of the rope

Step 3: Tie twine on the 4' marks

This is to ensure your rope doesn't fray and pull apart

Step 5: Apply E6000 glue to each end of the T

Make sure to let the assembled "board" set overnight in order for the glue to bond

Step 6: Create your shapes

Trace hearts, X's or any symbol you choose with sticky vinyl and place it on the board

Step 8: Sand the edges

You want to make sure to get rid of any splinters

Step 9: Spray paint the shapes

You can paint in one color or different colors if you want

Next: PVC Wine Rack

It may not look like it, but this is PVC!

Step 1: Make four marks, every 10”

Then, on the table saw, make miter cuts (45 degrees) at every 10” mark

Step 2: Cut the four pieces of the PVC

These will become the wine bottle holders. Roughly line them up to make sure they fit together

Step 3: Cut the PVC 29” long and 9-1/2” wide

Use a 1 x 10 PVC trim board for this step

Step 4: Drill 2 holes 2” from each end

Mark the center for the first hole, and then from the center of the first hole measure over 3-3/4” for the center of the second

Step 5: Apply PVC cement on the edges

Be sure to apply the cement evenly around the edges of each bottle holder

Step 6: Place pieces on backer trim & let dry

Wait about 3 minutes until it’s dry

Step 7: Filp board, attach with 1-1/2” screws

Apply three screws for each PVC bottle holder trim piece. Start from the sides & use a straight edge as a guide for the middle

Step 8: Using a stud finder, locate the stud

Mount the rack with a screw on the top and one on the bottom, 1” from each edge

Step 9: Hang on wall & place the wine bottles

Your finished project should hold up to 8 bottles of wine