I am thinking about painting my small brick house the same color as

The storage shed. It's a light gray and white trim. My brick house has white siding where the attic space is. I am trying to decide if the paint should be watered down to a gray wash or solid 'solitary state'. I need ideas and opinions.

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  • Can you test out your ideas on the back of the house? The lighting at different times of the day might affect your decision.
  • Dfm Dfm on Oct 08, 2017
    take a photo of your house. Enlarge the photo to 8 by 10. Find a piece tracing paper. Lay it over the photo trace the major liners. Make copies and color. When you are good with the color scheme...then test the colors. Big paint chips....paint a poster board. Move it arround the house....how does it look in am, noon and afternoon, evening light.? If looking good....paint.
    • I absolutely love the poster board idea!!! She could even paint several and place them at different areas around her house.
      I have a very large and tall (2.5 stories, eek!) den that we eventually want to repaint, your poster board is an awesome idea for us to try out colors! Thanks so much!
  • Karla Karla on Oct 09, 2017
    my house had a red brick front with white siding. I just went for it! It's time consuming to paint brick, but it's b en 4 yrs. and there's been no fading. My friend who is an interior decorator had me look at the color of my shingles to get the right gray though. I had never thought about that before. I'd use pure paint, no water. The bricks absorb a LOT of paint, so get plenty. I personally love gray with white. So crisp and clean looking.
  • Fauxgal Fauxgal on Oct 09, 2017
    In my humble opinion, I would like the wash better. HOWEVER, if your brick color is strong, you will see it through the soft grey.... Maybe several "washes." You will still need to use exterior paint though.
  • I like the poster board idea and definitely don't water down the paint. What I've seen on home improvement shows they pick a few sample shades, paint them on different areas of the house. There will be a difference seeing colors on a poster board vs. seeing it on your brick. One will stand out to you and that will be your color :). If you end up not liking any of them you could get a quart of paint that is the same color as your brick and paint over the grays. Hopefully that won't happen!

    I completely agree with Karla, I love seeing gray and white together. Just as she said, so crisp and clean. I don't think it's a trend at all, those are the colors I chose for the exterior of my first house almost 20 years ago.

    Do you have shutters? Black or charcoal gray would look awesome!

  • Dfm Dfm on Oct 09, 2017
    you are most welcome . Just a few tips from the pro painters in the family.
  • Jza10902008 Jza10902008 on Oct 09, 2017
    Thank you for the ideas. I have already purchased black shutters that are waiting on me to paint the house and I have already painted my front door black. Thanks!
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