Garden pests - slugs and snails

How do I get rid of slugs / snails. I live in UK therefore damp. I've tried all the usual things but don't want to use slug pellets because of the wildlife and birds. Help.

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  • Dfm Dfm on Oct 09, 2017
    give the slugs an old stale beer, serve in a very shallow pan. apply diatomaceous earth around the garden.
  • Cilla Cilla on Oct 09, 2017
    Put a metal pie plate near where the slugs/snails are, sink it to ground level and add beer. They will gravitate to it and drown.
  • Two21452599 Two21452599 on Oct 09, 2017
    drown every one you see. Pretty soon you won't see very many
  • MarilynHarmon MarilynHarmon on Oct 09, 2017
  • Dmotan Dmotan on Oct 09, 2017
    put saucers of beer out. They crawl in and die. U have to keep refreshing this.
  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Aug 02, 2020

    Hi Julian, it might sound silly but we have a few overturned flowerpots, with a stone placed under the rim to lift them up a bit, scattered around our garden. We check them every few days for snails. They like crawling inside. Grapefruit and orange halves work too. We also try watering our garden in the morning instead of the evening. Snails and slugs like moist conditions so by watering in the morning it gives the surface soil time to dry out by the evening when snails are most active.

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