I have a low flush toilet that keeps running. How can I fix this?

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  • Ged27266815 Ged27266815 on Oct 09, 2017
    Hold the handle down for five seconds when you flush.
  • Deborah Parliament Deborah Parliament on Oct 09, 2017
    You may need to adjust the float. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the flapper.
  • Shedog Shedog on Oct 09, 2017
    There is a float inside the tank that shuts off the water when full. There is also a drain that keeps the tank from over filling. If the float is set to high it will keep running into the overflow and won't shut the water off, this could be your problem. Remove the tank lid and flush, watch the float and overflow pipe to see if this is the problem. If it is adjust the float to shut the water off at a level below the overflow pipe.
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Oct 09, 2017
    Take off the tank lid. More than likely, either the little Jose has come out of the ceramic pipe where it should be, or the little chain has come off or needs to be adjusted by moving the chain to a new hole in the balance bar to make it lift the flapper on the bottom. This is a very untechnical answer, but I hope it helps. Best wishes 😇💖
  • Bob Kilbourn Bob Kilbourn on Oct 09, 2017
    replace the inner works. pay attention to the flap valve. It may not seal and therefore the toilet runs to keep the water in the tank at the right level
    • Joy Joy on Oct 09, 2017
      Do you happen to know how to replace the inner works? I've never messed with this type toilet before. :/
  • Bob Kilbourn Bob Kilbourn on Oct 09, 2017
    I’m sure that the sales agent at your local hardware will be more than happy to instruct you in the installation. Both HD Lowe’s people have always been helpful when I have asked questions,
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