SK's Cracked Concrete Slab Into Art

I was implored to save this nasty and very old concrete porch. It would cost many $ to replace. I used an acid to clean off a hundred years of gunk. I used a diamond bladed Roto-Zip and carved the cracks into vines and leaves. I use concrete acid stain to color the leaves and vines. Then topped the whole thing with an outdoor wet-look concrete sealer.
Old cracked concrete used as inspiration for vines and leaves
Using a Roto-Zip with a diamond blade I carved more cracks and leaves.
This was our introduction to the back yard.
This is my results. SK Sartell

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  • Ethel Edwards Ethel Edwards on Mar 12, 2014
    I can't see the vines and leaves in this picture. It was beautiful in example.
  • Kendra Handy Kendra Handy on May 21, 2014
    Gorgeous. I was just researching about doing something similar. Did you see this method used before? Was it easy to use the blade?
    • SK on Elderberry SK on Elderberry on May 22, 2014
      @Kendra Handy Thanks for the question Kendra, I hadn't seen this before. But I have used my Roto-Zip for lots of different projects. As old and hard as this concrete was I knew it was going to take a diamond blade to get-er-done. The little machine is crazy powerful and you have to make sure you concentrate and keep both hands on to guide or it will just take off in any crazy direction. I marked my concrete with a permanent marker then just followed the marks. I added as needed. This took me a couple of days, just because the body position was agonizing. Try it. It's a fun project. sk
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