Asked on Oct 9, 2017

Lawn edging for my garden

Rose BroadwayRussbow


I am an old age pensioner and I rent my flat. I need something that would give me a nice clean line between soil ( which is covered in bark ) and the lawn that's not to expensive. Any help most appreciated thank you all. Lynn in the uk

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  • Rose Broadway
    on Oct 9, 2017

    Lynn, you're in the same age category that I am, and if Maynard is your last name, we have that in common. My MIL was a Maynard from Tennessee, USA. OK, your's the same one my husband and I have! We were going to have the concrete edging done, but decided not to spend the money. I think we've decided to just get the cheap plastic strips that you pound into the soil. I hope this helps.
    • Lyn5035705
      on Oct 9, 2017

      Lol I have touched on our name and I knew Maynards were in Tennessee wooow never thought I would hear from one Hi there! How lucky you are living in the only place in the world I every wanted to live. I've been a avid country fan for 65 years. Thanks hun for your suggestion I tried this last year but is was so flexible I got into a mess only last week I pulled up and disposed of. I also last week looked into a concrete edging but like yourself found it to costly plus I don't think renting from my council the may not approve. But thanks again hun for your time if I do find something worth have I'll sure to pass it on. You and yours take care. God Bless
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