Asked on Oct 10, 2017

How to stop toilet from running so long after flushing

Patrick Leigh SmolinskiJoLeen BoltonSue


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  • Cindy
    on Oct 10, 2017

    Hi Puddin, It sounds like you need to adjust your fill valve. Turn the screw on top of the fill valve so that you can adjust the float in the tank so that the toilet stops filling approx one inch below the top of the overflow tube.
  • Sharon
    on Oct 10, 2017

    Lots of videos on YouTube...
  • Sue
    on Oct 10, 2017

    If it's faulty innerds, like a loose flapper valve, take off tank lid, flush, and you should be able to figure out problem. If it's quantity of water, put one of those ice packs, or a brick wrapped in aluminum foil, in the tank to save water and keep it from running so long.
  • JoLeen Bolton
    on Oct 11, 2017

    Also, check the turnoff valve on the wall under and behind the toilet to make sure it's on all the way.
  • Patrick Leigh Smolinski
    on Oct 17, 2017

    Put a mason brick inside the tank. Less volume=less water=less time to fill. Saves on water bill too.
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