A Summer Wedding by SK Sartell

A beautiful Summer wedding.
A Summer's Dream Wedding
My daughters are both artists. My youngest is a doodler. People call doodling, zentangle now. She had been drawing a concept wedding cake for years, before she even met her young man. The drawings were to scale and it was up to me to figure out how to make all this happen.

We experimented with piping, hand painting. all to no avail. I then discovered a chocolate transfer which might work. But these transfer sheets needed to be applied to a hard surface. So we decided to work with white chocolate as our cake walls.
We sent the scaled drawing to a company called chocolate transfer Company. http://www.chocotransfersheets.com/shop/ They transfered Summer's drawing to a clear mylar. And it's really edible chocolate.

The trick to this cake was making sure the actual four layer cake was level, plum and squared. I then crumb coated the entire thing with a pure butter cream frosting.
I worked with double boiler melting the white chocolate. My hubby made me a mold using 1/4" flat metal rods. These I taped over a hard cool surface and over the transfer sheet with the chocolate drawings facing up.

With the chocolate melted and creamy I used a spatula to fill the mold and carefully scrape leftovers over the side. As the chocolate cooled I disassembled the mold carefully and used my scrapper to gently pull up the hardened chocolate transfer mylar intact. Gently I stripped the mylar off and leaving the chocolate drawing on the cooled white chocolate. These were very fragile so I made four extra for every side and every layer.
With the cake now stacked and with dowels I was ready to start applying the walls to the cake.
Each piece was coated on the back with royal icing, which becomes hard and sticks. I would place a side on and make sure it stayed square and level.
Chocolate mylar stencils
Adding 1/4" flat metal rods and taped to the mylar stencils to build our form.
Melting the white chocolate in a double boiler. When soft and creamy I poured it into our mold.
I used a scrapper to level the chocolate in the mold so they would all be the same depth.
As the chocolate cooled I let harden a couple of hours. I lifted up the mold carefully. These are very fragile so I made four for each side and each layer.
Stacking, Trimming and placing dowels down into the cake for support of the next later, This cake fully decorated had to weigh about thirty-five lbs. or more.
I used regular royal frosting to hold the pieces together. then used a ribbon to tie all four sides to let dry.
With fresh flowers. peacock feathers and baby tear greens the cake was finished. I was too.I was exciting to have this cake used as a new web design motif for the chocolate transfer company.

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