Asked on Oct 10, 2017

What is the best weed and grass killer to start a vegetable garden?



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  • Lisa S.
    on Oct 10, 2017

    Place a tarp over the area. Weigh it down with rocks. Wait a few weeks. Everything under it will be dad. You also will not have contaminated the soil, as you don't want to eat things that have grown in toxic weed killer.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 10, 2017

    If you are planning to put a garden in now you cannot use chemicals.Your best option is to smother them out with newspapers,cardboard and heavy landscape fabric. If that is not the issue use a weed killer
  • Bijous
    on Oct 10, 2017

    You can kill, till and fill. Use a weed and grass killer that can be used around bushes and flowers. Ortho makes one. Once everything is killed, till up the soil and amend as needed with new soil, sand and manure. Good luck!
  • Roxaneg
    on Oct 10, 2017

    I usually dig up the sod/weeds and discard because I don't like to use chemicals near food crops. Roundup makes a product you can use for this purpose, just be sure to read the label.

    One thing you can do that doesn't involve chemicals (you could use boiling water and/or vinegar to kill weeds) is to spread 3-5 pages of newspapers on the ground or spread a tarp and hold these down with rocks. After a week or so, the newspapers/tarp will have killed the grass and weeds. Except for the most stubborn of weeds which you then hack out of there. I like that way since it is cheap and doesn't involve chemicals that aren't necessarily good for us.
  • Fauxgal
    on Oct 10, 2017

    A hoe. LOL
  • Dianacirce70
    on Oct 10, 2017

    I wouldn't use a chemical killer of any kind in an area you will be planting things you plan to eat. You can till the area, let it settle for a day or two, till again, and then use a weed barrier (just like you do in flower beds) and cut the little x's in there to plant. Then use grass clippings, hay or straw over that between the rows and you should very little issue with weeds and grass coming back. I did it for the first time last year and the only place I was to weed was between my rows of corn since I didn't use that in that area.

  • LJ
    on Oct 10, 2017

    Clean cardboard layed out, with rocks or bricks to hold it down, watered to adhere to the grass/weeds. I've had great success using the boxes from reams of paper. (The inks are soy based) The worms love to come up and eat the cardboard further aerating my clay soil.
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