Asked on Oct 10, 2017

How can you prevent trees from spreading?

Ann Cherkas HalsteadHol30284789Offaly


I have some trees that I cut down but the roots seem to be spreading and similar trees are cropping up all over my yard. I cut them down but they keep on spreading.

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  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 10, 2017

    No good cutting them down, you have to dig them up when they are small...........
  • Iwa14215215
    on Oct 10, 2017

    I have heard rock salt will do it or you can purchase root rot
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 10, 2017

    you can cut them all the way down ,drill holes in the bark or roots and use epsom salt,rock salt,or stump out,however you cannot get that on the grass or plants.
  • Offaly
    on Oct 10, 2017

    Drill holes in the remaining stump and pour in Blackberry killer. this works for us in Australia.
  • Hol30284789
    on Oct 10, 2017

    Use copper to kill off trees. One can get old copper pipes, nails or heavy staples to hammer into the tree. This will kill off the tree.
  • Ann Cherkas Halstead
    on Oct 11, 2017

    you gotta dig up all the roots.
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