How to dress up dark wood paneling in an old 70s mobile home,very dark

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  • Dee Gonyea Dee Gonyea on Oct 11, 2017
    I lived in a house with dark wood paneling. It was so gloomy and made the place feel really small. I filled in all the cracks with spackle, sanded and painted. It took a while but it looked like regular walls when I finished.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 11, 2017
    wash wash or paint it a lighter color
  • Kim Holly McCoy Kim Holly McCoy on Oct 11, 2017
    chalk paint it. Or use fusion paint but paint with fusion "grab it" dry then paint color of your choice. Check Pinterest as well just enter your question in search
  • DesertRose DesertRose on Oct 11, 2017
    You could paint to lighten it. First calk all the cracks between the panels then use Aroma free Kilz paint to cover the wood. Then paint the colors you desire. It will lighten the room and make it feel larger.
  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Oct 11, 2017
    Bite the and paint..comes out great !
  • Sue Isaacs-Jackman Sue Isaacs-Jackman on Oct 11, 2017
    I used a primer and then painted mine. I even applied a border after filling in the crease of the paneling, just the width of where the border would be. This way it kept the border smooth.
  • Laura Laura on Oct 11, 2017
    all the above, and they make this really cool stick on fake sandstone or glass tile look stuff. Not much weight so you’re wall won’t fall off