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Mary O'Brien
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Asked on Oct 11, 2017

Should I cut back my hydrangeas ?

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 11, 2017

    I am pretty sure your question was answered. Sometimes there is a glitch in the system.That will depend on the type of hydrangea. Some bloom on old wood.With that is you are uncertain wait until the spring as the new growth emerges,then you will be able to distinguish between the old and new wood
  • Ken
    on Oct 11, 2017

    We are do-it-yourselfers here just like you and no one is obligated to provide any answers. Sorry that you did not get an answer but it is probably because no one reading has the expertise. One would think that after getting no response you would have tried somewhere else like I just did. Google search provided a link to this page:

    Chances are this advice will be more reliable than an opinion of most folks here. If I read it right, the answer is "yes". Best of luck to you.
  • Rymea
    on Oct 11, 2017

    No way to answer that without knowing the variety of hydrangea you have
  • Martha
    on Oct 11, 2017

    It's a good idea, but not yet, only in early Spring, say March/April.
  • Paula
    on Oct 11, 2017

    Yes, if they're getting overgrown. Cut them back in the spring. They bloom on new wood. You can cut them back to the ground or just shorter. They will still bloom on the stems that grow out from the pruned stems and on stems that spring up from the roots.
  • I Google everything. That way, I do not need to wait for an answer. Do you know how to Google? I can teach anyone.

    Here are some links for you!

  • Janice
    on Oct 11, 2017

    It depends on which type of hydrangeas that you have. Some bloom on new wood.....they can be cut almost to the ground every late winter. This one is the Annabelle and paniculata grandiflora type. The others bloom on last years wood. Don't be quick to prune them unless you see dead wood. Don't cut them back after they flower except for just the flowers. This is the macrophylla type (large leaves, large mophead type flowers). I am including a link on pruning:
  • Mariann McWhinney
    on Oct 11, 2017

    You need to know what variety of hydrangea you have. Some like Fall trimming and some need Spring cutting. A good sight to look up on the internet would be State or County Extention office . edu. No one can tell you until we know the variety you have. If you have the tag that comes on new plants all the information is there.
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