Asked on Oct 11, 2017

How to make a spice drawer for spices

CarolDysko7710Sheryl Gilliland


I would like to store my spices in a drawer instead of a kitchen cabinet. I'm trying to organize . Didn't want to just put them in a drawer . I was thinking of some way or something to keep them from rolling and getting all mixed up. (Hard to explain)

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  • Brayjo12
    on Oct 11, 2017

    I have a lot of spices and could never find a good place to store them. Over the stove was supposed to be too hot and as a result I never used all of them because I couldn’t find them most of the time. And then… I came up with the little round cans with magnetic backs on them that I found on Amazon they come with labels they also come with a top that turn s so you can either poor or sprinkle things out I put them all in alphabetical order on the side of my refrigerator facing by stove and now are use my spices on a regular basis. Well this may not work for you but it t was the perfect location for me and I also freed up some much desired cabinet space good luck

    • Patti
      on Oct 11, 2017

      First it makes me SMH at whoever decided it a great idea🙄 to put the fridge and stove/oven next to each other??? Our kitchen was set up that way and we changed it. MUCH BETTER NOW!
      My second comment: great idea with the magnets & metal storage for spices ... but you still have them next to the stove HEAT. It may be handy, but the heat will deteriorate the spices. Plus all the steam and grease/oil makes more labor to clean all those containers.
  • Sheryl Gilliland
    on Oct 11, 2017

    I would use a divider system. clear plexiglass is easy to cut, thin and see thru, spring loaded curtain rods, dowels, or cardboard ridges . Match sections with jar sizes, alphabetic or by use ( roasting or grilling seasoning , herbs, baking etc. ) 'Tis your home, your drawer, your spices have fun, if you do it and don't like it redo it.
  • Carol
    on Oct 11, 2017

    Have seen metal storage shelves (like shoe racks - only smaller) that go over a door - would be great if you have a door to use & could put them inside a pantry or closet.
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