Asked on Oct 12, 2017

Where do I find fabric paint....



I have several chairs I need to redo and would like to use the fabric paint...1 set is multi-colors and the other is all white with white fabric design

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Craft stores.....Michaels,AC Moore,Hobby Lobby,Joannes.....If you do not have these stores all is offered on-line
  • Judy Carpenter
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Walmart, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics... Just about any craft supply store, plus online.
  • Karen Tokarse
    on Oct 12, 2017 fabric paint
  • Amanda
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Any craft store! And bring a coupon with you if you go to Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabrics! You’ll be able to score a great deal!
  • Sandra
    on Oct 12, 2017

  • Fauxgal
    on Oct 12, 2017

    You can use regular acrylic paints, and just buy a medium that makes it work on fabric; it keeps it soft. Just follow the directions on the back of the bottle. You can find it in local craft stores like Hobby Lobby. Look for "fabric medium for acrylic paint."
  • Sandra
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Awesome TY
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