Asked on Oct 12, 2017

How can i get rid of pantry moths . Seem to keep coming back.

LynnJanet PizaroNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


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  • Nancy Turner
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Put everything in containers, flour, sugar, pasta, nuts, everything you can think of. In our house we get them from bird food. Between those little beetles and the moths, they can get intense. Clean the pantry real well, check everything possible for where they may be coming from. I learned back in the eighties to containerize everything that could host bugs. Everyone thinks I am nuts the way I store things, but I learned from roach prone areas that we lived that you do things to prevent bugs no matter where you live. To this day, I don't even leave my extra pasta packages in the box or bag when I get home. I hope this helps.
  • Ken
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Marty, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have to get rid of everything in boxes or bags. Even if they don't look like they have been infested. Once the cupboard is bare, clean it with something that has bleach in it and don't skip any cracks or corners. Unless you take this "nuclear option" you will never rid yourself of the little beasties.
  • Sti21679830
    on Oct 12, 2017

    I had them a couple times and found out they came in with my doggy cookies. Go thru each and every single box in your pantry and open them. If the contents are loose in the box, without the wax paper to hold the contents, or if the box and paper are open....throw them away. The grain moths are a pain. Don't buy boxed food without an inner paper. Then I washed each nook and cranny with a Lysol, or Murphy or other soapy water. I then took a little Boric acid power and brushed it into the cracks behind and between shelves. I found the mother nest in a old bar of Bakers Choc. It is a nice time to clean out the pantry n rid out all the expired food too. 2 birds
    • Orlena
      on Oct 12, 2017

      I do all of the above and I also go and buy a No Pest Strip from the store and hang it up in my pantry. This has done the trick.
  • They hate Formula 409 and orange oil works too. Here are some links! I got them from some infested dog food a couple years back, took a while but I gt rid of them and lost a boatload of food in the process. A lot of work as you have to completely empy your kitchen and wash every surface.

  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Discard any open food,always keep food in containers,wash the pantry out with white vinegar,vacuum throughly,place pantry moth traps by Safer inside
  • Lynn
    on Oct 12, 2017

    We have those pesky bugs/moths everywhere. They come in the house via dog biscuits. I put every dry good in the freezer for a week, then store in the fridge. (Some people have a separate freezer, I have 2 refrigerators) it does keep it Almost bug free. But even wax paper, plastic & foil cannot stop those weevils. I’ve had the burrow into cake mix and hatch away!!
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