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  • Lancaster, PA
Asked on Oct 12, 2017

How can I fill a dresser for the kitchen?

FLDee GonyeaCheryl A


6 answers
  • Kor24924493
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Try using your hands. If that dont work- your feet will work.
  • Ann Cherkas Halstead
    on Oct 12, 2017

  • Ken
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Can you rephrase that for us Karen?
  • Cheryl A
    on Oct 12, 2017

    are you talking about repurposing a dresser for an island?
  • Dee Gonyea
    on Oct 12, 2017

    We'd love to help, but aren't sure what you're asking. If you're trying to find a dresser for the kitchen, check out garage sales in your area.
  • FL
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Fill it with kitchen and table linens, kitchen gadgets, baking pans, plastic wrap, parchment paper, wax paper and aluminum foil on rolls in boxes, serving platters, disposable aluminum pans and candleholders/candles.
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