Asked on Oct 12, 2017

How to divide the entrance of my bathroom from the toilet area?

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My door to the bathroom has an adjacent exit door to the backyard hence you can see the toilet and the sink area when you open up the door from the bedroom. I put up a shower curtain, but I don't like the look what else can I do this is a rental home so I cannot put up permanent partitions.
q how to divide the entrance of my bathroom from the toilet area
Shower curtain in front of toilet area. Sink and shower is to the left.
q how to divide the entrance of my bathroom from the toilet area
Entrance to the bathroom from the bedroom.
q how to divide the entrance of my bathroom from the toilet area
The exit door to the backyard.
q how to divide the entrance of my bathroom from the toilet area
I am putting up Privacy Film to the exit door window panes that lead to the backyard.
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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 12, 2017

    How about using a privacy screen that will slide open and closed
  • Rose Broadway
    on Oct 12, 2017

    There are many different designs of room dividers. I have one to block a large window in the den and love it. They come in so many different prices or you could make one yourself.

  • KatAych
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Is is the pattern of the curtain that you don't like, or the placement? Maybe buy some inexpensive curtains but hang them all the way up to the ceiling with the tension rod. You could put another door there; I understand it's a rental and you don't want to install anything but how about a lightweight accordian door that just has a magnetic closure? You would still to drill some homes, but they would be small and would be easy to spackle and sand should you ever need to remove it and/or move.
  • Rebecca Taylor
    on Oct 12, 2017

    Hello, I had a corner in my bedroom that was the only place I could keep my crafts but I didn't want to have to see them all the time so I had a piece of bamboo which was only 3 or 4 dollars to buy. I took some fabric that I had and hot glued a seam on the fabric for the bamboo pole. You could use command hooks to hang it with or the tension rod. Tab top curtains also look better on that type rod. Here are the pics of mine. Keep in mind that I am a crafter so I cannot seem to leave anything un-embellished. lol.
  • Marty Phelps
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Maybe a pony wall just enough to block the toilet, that way the room would still feel open, spacious.

  • Sharon
    on Oct 13, 2017

    I would put the privacy film on the exterior door. Is it you don't want someone walking in while your in the bathroom? make a cute sign you can flip over that says busy/open and hang in the middle of the door at eye level.
    If you have to share the bathroom, and want to be able to use the toilet, I would make a little canopy around the toilet using as little 22" hula hoop and plant hook from the ceiling; or one of those half round curtain rods and hang it from the ceiling with some nice sheers.

  • Katie Yeh
    on Oct 13, 2017

    How about a sheer curtain that is the same color as the wall so it will blend in. Or a soft print. I would hang all the way up to the ceiling height with a tension rod. You can buy metal toned tension rods at Walmart or Target. The curtain would have to be extra long to go from ceiling to floor. Then maybe find a nice tie back for when you don't need to use the curtain.
  • Barb
    on Oct 14, 2017

    I personally would put a folding doors being its to ez to peek 👀 in while using the bathroom and kids tend to forget to push the curtain back and this gives you true privacy in use. For the entrance door add a film📌
  • Susan Snyder
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Perhaps western-saloon-type doors that swing shut on their own? You can create lightweight versions of these easily and installation will not damage the doorway. (When you move, you'll just have to fill in some screw holes.)
    How to:
    Using 1"x2" or 1"x3" wood, you will create 2 long rectangular frames (like picture frames!).
    First, decide the HEIGHT you want each door to be. They can be as tall as you wish, but I suggest you leave a few inches at the top and bottom for light and air circulation.
    Now determine the WIDTH of each door: first, measure the total width of the doorway. Then substract 3/4", and then divide by 2. (Subtracting allows space to let the doors swing freely after attaching the hinges. Dividing by 2 gives you the final width of each door.)
    Next, cut 4 pieces of wood to the height you've decided on, and 4 pieces to the final width of each door.
    These doors are easy to make because you don't need to make any angled cuts. Straight cuts are fine. (And once you have your measurements, you can even have the wood cut for you at Home Depot or Lowe's).
    Sand and paint as desired.
    Finally, asdemble the frames. Just attach the corners together using wood glue and flat, metal L-brackets with 1/2" flat-head screws.
    Fill in the open space of these "overgrown picture frames" by stapling opaque fabric to the wood.
    Attach the doors to the door frame with springloaded hinges.
  • Vicky Davis
    on Oct 15, 2017

    You can get extra long curtains, sheer or solid, to go from ceiling to floor. Target, Amazon, etc. Probably even Walmart. The tension rod is the least 'invasive' way to hang them. Having them on either side of the 'doorway' might be more pleasing too, and they will drape better than the shower curtain.
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