Asked on Oct 13, 2017

We want to install a bathtub in a bathroom that only has a shower

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  • My vote is to hire a contractor - some moving of pipes will be involved. Do you have enough space to reconfigure the bathroom to accommodate a bathtub?
  • Landsharkinnc
    on Oct 13, 2017

    probably a job for a plumber -- the drain system, slope of the tub, surround etc. is really not a DIY job if you are not experienced
  • Cynthia H
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Do you have room for a tub? If so, the plumbing isn't that different.
  • 27524803
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Depends on how much room you have in the bathroom to start with... otherwise you will need to move walls ... and most likely will require a contractor. And you will probably need a plumber.
    Assuming you do not want to move or change any of the perimeter walls or doorways"
    If you are not sure exactly how you want it to be laid out... start with a pad of graph paper... a larger format, such as one with 5 squares per inch rather than one with 10 squares per inch.. is easier to work with especially for a small room... draw out your bathroom to scale (ie: 1 small square = 6 inches, etc)
    Put in all of the window and door openings. I made several photo copies of the basic layout, so I would not have to re-draw it over and over. Cut out colored paper into the, scale, sizes and shapes of the "new" bathroom fixtures and move them around in the room until it all fits...or doesn't ( I drew the new fixtures on another piece of graph paper and then colored each one with a different color highlighter) Color photo copy each new layout so you can compare layouts.
    This will, at least, give you an idea of what will need to be done to give you what you want, and how much work it will take to do it...
    It will also give you an idea if you can have a vanity with double sinks or a 5 foot tub rather that a 6 foot one
    Another idea to consider:
    We changed out swinging doors (a teeny jack and jill bath) to sliding barn doors mounted on the bedroom sides of the doorways to give more space in the bathroom
    Good Luck!

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