Asked on Oct 13, 2017

Does chocolate brown accent wall make your livingroom look smaller



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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Depends on the size of the room and the amount of light
  • Dl.5660408
    on Oct 13, 2017

    It might make your room seem cozier and welcoming. A matte finish absorbs light and a semi-gloss/gloss will reflect it. Go for it! The beauty of paint is that it's easy to change
  • 27524803
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Depends on your living room (light-ing, layout, furniture etc)
  • Renee Vlna
    Renee Vlna
    on Oct 13, 2017

    depends on the size of the room and the lighting of the area
  • Susan
    on Oct 13, 2017

    I have chocolate brown accent walls but my room is very long.. how big of a room are we talking about?

  • KattywhampusLOL
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Hello Barbarajcbell, Yes, an accent wall will make your room look smaller, no matter what room it is or what color the accent wall. It makes your room look smaller because it breaks up the continuous flow of color that makes your room look like it's bigger. Here is a link about accent walls that will help you make the right decision for your particular case:
    Good Luck and thanks for asking HOMETALK for information :)
  • Depends on how large the room is and how much natural light there is during the day. At night lighting is also strategic. Just depends on the look you are going for.
  • FL
    on Oct 13, 2017

    I think dark colors tend to make rooms look smaller as a rule. White and light colors make things look more expansive. As it is just one accent wall, the other colors you use, plus the furniture arrangement and the room layout may counter-balance the effects of one dark color in the room.
  • Barb
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Fischer Luce is so right on all she has mentioned 📌
  • Fiddledd224
    on Oct 13, 2017

    No! Especially since it is only 1 wall. The key is what color the other 3 walls are. If they are a lighter neutral, you should be fine!
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