What is the most effective way to get your house to sell ?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 13, 2017
    De-clutter,fresh coat of paint,curb appeal,bathroom and kitchen updates if in the budget

  • Use a professional home stager. A consultation will give you the information and direction you and your home need to make a great 1st impression online with good photos. You want the potential buyers to look at the house and not your things.They will help you: know where to put your preparation budget to get the most return; what to go ahead and pack; which of your own things are well suited to staging; rearrange furniture for a flow that draws buyers through the house; with good information about how to live in a sell-ready house if you need to. Good luck on your sale!

  • FL FL on Oct 13, 2017
    The right price for the house, the area and the economy.

  • Hire the best realtor you can find. Make sure the house is sparkling clean and appears well maintained. Declutter and pack personal items and photographs. Go outside and take a look at the curb appeal, does it look neat, tidy and inviting? Even $100 in quick fixes can make a difference. New door mat, a few potted plants, etc. Your realtor should have suggestions too.
    Here are a few links to help you out! Good luck!

  • Charlie Charlie on Oct 13, 2017
    declutter and clean spotless. i like to take pictures and of my rooms, then look at the picture. For some reason, to me at least, I am more objective looking at a picture of the room.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Oct 13, 2017
    Put away or store all personal items. No family pictures or kids drawings, or any of that kind of memento stuff they made when they were little. Minimal furniture. When my son bought his house the living room had a couch, a rocker, end tables and a small bookcase that is built in and that was it, no TV, no sound system, not even a rug. None of the bedrooms had a full dresser, basically just a bed, nightstand and maybe a chest of drawers, if that. There were no pictures in any room, but I think that was just the renters did not have any. Show off in any way that you can, the best features of the house. If one is the flooring, do not use any rugs that would overly hide or minimize the floors, etc. Hope this helps! Good realtors will be able to tell you what needs to stay and what needs to go before it is shown, they will also be able to advise you on what you need to make the house and property more salable.

  • Ann Cherkas Halstead Ann Cherkas Halstead on Oct 13, 2017
    rememver price sells.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 13, 2017
    Lower the Price and make the front of the house look attractive..........

  • Amanda Amanda on Oct 13, 2017
    Make sure it is clean and clutter free.

  • SandyG SandyG on Oct 13, 2017
    Curbside appeal, cleanliness and non-clutter.

  • Barb Barb on Oct 13, 2017
    First remove all personal items and photos because the buyer wants to invision there furnishings in the home, and remember less is more with nic nacks then purge all the closets and donate all items you are planning not to take on the move, then make sure everything is not cluttered like counter tops, be sure to include the basement, garage and the outside is the first impression when approaching the home so be sure to rake and cut the lawn.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Oct 13, 2017
    First, declutter --- remove all traces of personal effects (potential buyers want to envision their stuff in your house!) Then make sure the walls and floors are a neutral color and only select key furniture pieces appropriate to each room to make the house look as roomy as possible.

    Finally, make sure the exterior is manicured (mowed, shrubs trimmed, beds weeded, etc.). Plant a few bright annuals for color and make sure that all maintenance is done (replace broken windows, missing shingles, etc.) so buyers think the house has been properly maintained. Most important---- have the best photos taken that you can and post them on-line since nearly every home buyer surfs the net for homes to visit and you want yours to rise to the top of their visitation list. Best of luck!!!