Asked on Oct 13, 2017

River rocks in front lawn ??

Jane McVeigh McNeeChubby58Janet Pizaro


We live in a mobile home in Florida during the winter months only.
We are thinking of putting a lot of river rock stones as part of our landscape.
Our concern is, Is this safe with hurricanes, storms, is there a covering over the stones to stop them flying in the wind and causing damage to our home and other homes in the community ????

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  • Nancy Turner
    on Oct 13, 2017

    There would have to be awfully bad winds to be able to pick up the stones and damage any mobile homes in the community. It is possible that they could float away in the event of really hard and long rains. You would need to keep a barrier of wood, pavers or bricks of some kind to keep them in place and not float away and cause walking hazards. I would say that an inch or two higher than the stones are would be enough since stones don't float easily. Wish I could do the snowbird thing. Winter is when I really miss living in Florida!
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 13, 2017

    I do not think using river rock would be a choice if you are concerned about damaging winds from hurricanes,I would opt for mulch
  • Chubby58
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Try using recycled rubber pavers. You can check them out on line at HD or Lowes.
  • Jane McVeigh McNee
    on Oct 13, 2017

    thank you Chubby 58,

    never thought of rubber pavers. better idea than the concrete pavers as they are starting to get too heavy for us seniors now to lift...

    thanks much we will look into these rubber pavers.

    Jane & Jim
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