Asked on Oct 13, 2017

Get grease out of husband's work clothes.



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  • Bobbie
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Put oily, greasy work clothes in a tub or bucket, add 2 to 4 liters of Coca-Cola®, fill with water until clothes are covered, let soak overnight. Wash the next morning with regular laundry soap. Great for those who work the oil rigs
  • Nancy Turner
    on Oct 13, 2017

    My hubby used to be a mechanic and a truck driver, so he always had greasy clothes. I always used tide and the only thing I had trouble getting out was the thick black 5th wheel grease. If something didn't get clean after the wash I would spritz it with simple green and that worked for me. Just make sure you check the clothes before they go in the dryer in case it doesn't all come off.
  • Cecilia Huether
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Purple power is a good product to use, it is a great decreased and can be used in laundry, and for many other household jobs.
  • Cecilia Huether
    on Oct 13, 2017

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  • 63m29507928
    on Oct 13, 2017

    It's rare to get out once you've put them in the dryer. What works best for me is Dawn dish soap
  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 13, 2017

    Dirt Devil for Grease........
  • FL
    on Oct 14, 2017

    My late husband worked as a concrete foreman and they set out railroad ties painted with creosote. I got that mess off his work clothes by adding straight Pine-Sol poured right on the stains and then laundered in hot water with detergent.
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