Asked on Oct 14, 2017

White porcelain bathtub that discolored in the bottom on the nonskid



3 answers
  • Sharon
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Use Easy Off Fume Free Max oven cleaner.
  • William
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Sharon's got it again. In the BLUE can. Spray it on let it foam and sit till it liquefies, Rinse away.
  • Lindy
    on Oct 14, 2017

    That is soap scum and dirt--sprinkle with baking soda, pour on vinegar, let sit then scrub with stiff bristle brush. If that doesn't work completely Comet with bleach cleanser. I've used both successfully. Sometime you gotta pull out the big guns when organic just doesn't cut the mustard so to speak.

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