Asked on Oct 14, 2017

What is the best way to clean the brick on a fireplace ?

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  • Roxaneg
    on Oct 14, 2017

    If it is a flat brick, you can use theMagic Eraser to clean it. I had graffiti on mine from the previous owners and tried just about everything to clean it, but found that the Magic Eraser worked very well at not only getting rid of the writing, but also getting rid of the smoke and soot from the brick.

    I bought mine from the dollar store and they worked fine, although they don't seem to last as long as the Mr. Clean erasers. But it's a cheap investment to see if they work for you.
  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Scrubbing Brush & Soap and Water. Beware over splashes...........
  • Sandra leach
    on Oct 14, 2017

    if it's a textured brick , which is what I have , I first use my sweeper with the brush attachment to remove the dust.. then a scrub brush & a cleaning solution and scrub ONE way to minimize splatter.. works great , also lay down a tarp or news papers to protect flooring from Drips
  • Far29709759
    on Oct 14, 2017

    A wire brush and some elbow grease.And don’t forget to lay old sheets down on the floors as it will get messy.Plastic sheeting from your supply store will also work.
  • PaigeTPaul
    on Oct 14, 2017

  • Fiddledd224
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Vacuum first, then use a wire brush.
  • Stephanie Witkowski Posey
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner.
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