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Asked on Oct 14, 2017

Where and how much paint do I use for this project?

Cori WidenSharonKor24924493


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  • Lois Vrns
    on Oct 14, 2017

    don't ya hate when you accidentally hit the wrong button on your keyboard and you have to start over??? Could add your picture and questions to the original post
  • Dfm
    on Oct 14, 2017

    ok.....what project? As far as how much paint I'm horrible at math...but you need to calculate the total area to be painted. I think it's ht X width...the dude or dudette at the paint counter would know how much paint it would take for x area. Don't go cheep on the paint...you want it to cover in 1or2 coats not 5.
  • Kor24924493
    on Oct 14, 2017

    25,000 gallons. As far as where--its up to you.
  • Sharon
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Also depends on surface, if its old wall board/wood or your going from darker to light your going to have to prime it first, to get good coverage.
    Here is a paint calculator.... https://www.glidden.com/how-much-paint-do-i-need
    Don't get super cheap paint, cause you will wind up using 2 to 3 times as much to get coverage and depth of color desired. I recently did a job for a client who got $14 gal paint in pale blue over white, OMG took 3 coats, argggh, and had to go back to store to get more
  • Cori Widen
    on Oct 15, 2017

    Would love to see a photo so that we can help!
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