Asked on Oct 14, 2017

Looking for ideas to make wreaths

Lindsay CloarJanet Pizaro


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  • Lindsay Cloar
    on Oct 14, 2017

    I made fabric wreaths w/ my grandma as a kid and they still hang in her house
    You need:
    a straw or foam wreath circle (we used straw)
    fabric, couple yrds?, however many patters, colors you like.
    pencil or something similar
    Take your fabric, cut into roughly 2.5-3 inch squares, put the middle of the fabic over the pencil and shove it into the wreath. As you go along you need to shove the fabric in fairly deep and close together so you have a nice full wreath. You'll get the hang of it. Some go in easier than others. Its easy at the end to go in and fill in the thin spots, pretty goof proof project and great for kids. Make one for every holiday :)
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