Asked on Oct 14, 2017

The movers have somehow gotten white paint on my wooden furniture



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  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Claim against there insurance!
  • Judy
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Write to the company, they are responsible. They MUST FIX THIS. If you want to do their work, (I wouldn't) ask someone at a large hardware store, they will likely tell you the same thing.
  • Nancy Turner
    on Oct 14, 2017

    They have insurance of their own. If they boo-boo'd they have to fix or replace. They broke an antique table of mine and when I got it back you could barely tell that the leg broke off. It is their responsibility to give it back to you in the same shape it was in when they put it on their truck.
  • Ginny
    on Oct 14, 2017

    Denatured alcohol usually removes paint without hurting wood but try on a place where mistake can't be seen if it doesn't. Pharmacies usually carry denatured alcohol or big box hardware stores.
  • Bar10780531
    on Oct 14, 2017

    see Wikihow for suggestions.
  • Jean
    on Oct 14, 2017

    If the movers will not repair, you can use New Life Furniture mask. You can buy online or antique store. It is a great Furniture cleaner you can put dab some on massage it and let it sit a little bit and then if needed use a little bit of steel wool lightly it'll come right off most times the first time and it won't hurt you finish! Good luck!
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