Arm-knit a Blanket in One Hour! #HomeCrafts

1 Hour

I am not a knitter. Or a crochet-er. I'm an instant-gratification kind of DIY-er. So I am hooked on making these one-hour throw blankets for cozying up our living spaces! Or rather - UNhooked, because you don't need hooks or needles. You knit them ON your ARMS. If you haven't heard of arm knitting, you have to check it out. Even if you have no experience (I didn't!) you can do this in an hour. Pop an episode of your favorite show on, and have a blanket when you're done! I'll show you how. (If you want more detail on any of these steps, be sure to visit the full blog post at the link under the photos below - I have a lot more space to elaborate on the steps on the blog than in photo captions.)
Knit a beautiful chunky throw in any color to match your living room decor.
Using 3 skeins of yarn, measure 12 feet, and tie a slip knot that will fit your forearm. Slip it onto your arm
Hold both your measured yarn and your working yarn coming off the skeins in your opposite hand.
Create stitches and cast them directly onto your arm. Keep them loose enough to slide up your arm to your elbow. The labeled graphic shows you how. (You can also see the full blog post for much more details on these steps.)
Once you've cast your stitches on, it's time to knit! Grab your working yarn with your first-row hand. Pull one loop over your hand, creating a new stitch with the working yarn. Slip this over your opposite arm, and complete the row.
Repeat knitting until you have your preferred length. When you're finished, bind off by making two stitches, and pulling the first over and off the second. Keep adding one stitch at a time and binding off. Tie a knot to finish.
When you're done, you'll have a chunky knit throw blanket to cozy up with on your couch - that you made yourself!
Edit to add this video: this is for an infinity scarf project but the technique is the same, if video is helpful to you!

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Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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  • Theresa
    on Nov 30, 2016

    I've been making "infinity" scarves by arm knitting so I know how but my question is the same as the other many stitches do you cast on to start this blanket???

    • Sjt29229935
      on Oct 24, 2018

      You need to follow the link to her blog and the answer can be found there.

      "Now, let’s cast on the first row. I made mine 25 stitches (you can certainly do more if you want a larger blanket). Now the dimensions will vary based on how much you stretch it when you use it, and also how big your arms are. So I can’t give you an exact finished dimension except to say, this made for a nice, big, lap sized throw."

  • Rhonda S
    on Dec 3, 2016

    I live in a very rural area, and this supper chunky yarn has not made it to local stores. Do you think using multiple skeins at the same time wpuld have a similar effect? I see you used three strands...was that the purpose?

    • Kros
      on Dec 1, 2019

      Hobby Lobby & Micheals delivery usually for free!

  • Ardale
    on Feb 26, 2017

    What is the finished size of this blanket? I'd also like to know if a person wanted to make a large blanket using more skeins of yarn would you have to feed all of your skeins at the same time like you do with the three skeins you use making this blanket or would a person just go ahead and use the three skeins then once you get to the end of each skein just tie that end to the beginning of a new skein and continue on until the large blanket is finished?

    • Nikki
      on Dec 1, 2019

      I was wondering the same thing. I want to make a big blanket using the really chunky yarn and I know that the yards per skeins with that type of yarn doesnt go far especially when making a blanket.

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  • J.J
    on Nov 23, 2019

    This is neat, since I know nothing about crocheting or knitting this will be easier. Thanks for the post can't wait to try one.

  • Doreen Kennedy
    on Aug 29, 2020

    I like the look of your blanket. I tried my hand at knitting and crocheting. Didn’t finish either project. The arm method looks a lot easier for beginners.

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