Asked on Oct 15, 2017

Any suggestion for a garden lay out ?

InetiaNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CAYylowinger


any suggestion for a garden lay out ?
q any suggestion for a garden lay out
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  • Shoshana
    on Oct 16, 2017

    I'm picturing a nice stone fire pit out there.
  • Shoshana
    on Oct 16, 2017

    I'm picturing a nice stone fire pit out there
  • Kate Sullivan
    on Oct 16, 2017

    If you mean a vegetable garden, check out Mel Bartholomew's "Square Foot Gardening." Compact and tidy, and amazing yields.
  • Yylowinger
    on Oct 16, 2017

    I have the same problem. I'm going to put in a dry river bed. You can make them wide, narrow, short, long, whatever you need to fill your space. There are a lot of examples on Pinterest - rugged, refined, etc. (It would look nice with the stone fire pit.) After you decide where you want it to go, you need to decide what kind of "look" you want. Structured, rustic, etc. Also, do you want a vegetable garden. etc. ? I think a veggie garden would look best against something "structured" like the brick wall.

  • Have you poked around on Pinterest for ideas? Great space, millions of possibilities. How do you want to go? Modern, traditional, rustic? Do you want a veggie garden? How about a dry creek or a fire pit? If you get really stuck, a consult with a landscape designer or architect might be a good idea.
  • Inetia
    on Oct 17, 2017

    lf this is in a hot arid place I recommend you put in a patio and stone walkways . The dry creek bed idea is an excellent water saving bit of garden decor but use large rocks sparingly and in ways that don’t give hiding places to snakes. You can build bridges over it too. Use native plantings that thrive in hot and dry climates. Fill it with sitting places and garden art as these are water savers and mostly maintenance free. I would choose the sitting places and plant trees or build arbors for shade and build the gardens around them. You may be able to get free rocks, stones, bricks and garden pavers on Craig’s list. Most of the time the bricks are broken but I’ve made very charming walkways with them. Google ‘dry creek beds’ and click on images for hundreds of ideas. Do the same for ‘garden walkways.’ Good luck! I’m excited for you.
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