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Asked on Oct 15, 2017

How to paint cabinets



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  • Castrang17
    on Oct 15, 2017

    Take the cabinet hardware off. You can remove the doors, if you want or leave them attached. Clean cabinets with Dawn dish soap and a scrub-e type sponge, wipe clean, let dry overnight. Rough the surface lightly with fine steel wool. Paint with a white primer paint,(optional), let dry thoroughly. Have you decided if you want a gloss (shiny) or matte (dull) finish? Now paint with your desired color, let dry thoroughly. I have used a large and small roller to do the job. Some cabinets have been just rolled and others I have used rollers with designs. Use a paint brush if you like. Lots of color samples at DIY home stores, so gather a bunch and take home to see what colors enhance your cabinets and room! Have fun!!
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