Asked on Oct 16, 2017

How to make a selfie.backdrop

CJAllison Newby


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  • Allison Newby
    on Oct 16, 2017

    A tie dyed sheet ... a tablecloth , or a white table cloth with a plus sign done on it with black tape at window curtains and BAM it looks like your at a'm just trying to think of anything that might help. could hang a shower rod in between the hallway somewhere to even have the backdrop up to use.
  • CJ
    on Oct 16, 2017

    ReflectHi Mwilliams3k!
    A pro photographer once told me he made his own background cloth, it was his largest back drop, for large groups, such as a class group at schools or large family group. I belive he used a fabric drop cloth or maybe a canvass, as it was a very sturdy fabric and it was off-white or beige. He may have painted a white base coat first which probably would be a good idea. He used several complementary blues and greens painted onto the cloth with a bit of contrasting colors here and there . Most of the brush strokes were made with a rather light touch, almost like a dry brush technique but not quite that feathery light. The paint blotches were all smaller, maybe 2 inches patches. Some overlapped, some didn't but there wasn't very much of the original color showing. I think you will not want a paint with a sheen that will reflect your lighting. A knowledgeable paint staff should be able to help you choose the right kind of paint. I hope this helps!
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