Asked on Oct 16, 2017

Fell through ceiling, need to repair myself, how do start?

Nick WayLro28304063


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  • Lro28304063
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Go to hospital get check up
  • Nick Way
    on Oct 17, 2017

    It depends on how large the hole was to begin with. If you just put your foot through, take out a section from the joist nearest the break over to the next, hopefully 16 inches on center. Take out no larger a section than required to remove where the damage is by first drawing a line in the center of each joist midway the center(3/4 inch in from the edge. Then, using a framing square, square each corner perpendicular to these lines. Use a utility knife to cut the lines 3/4 in deep so the sheet rock is scored to the joists. Drill a hole in the space just outside the joists larger enough for a hacksaw blade and saw the perpendicular lines. If you don't have a hacksaw blade holder, you can use the utility knife but it's slower work. Now you have a rectangle cut out. buy a 4x4 piece of sheet rock, probably the smallest you can get. Use sheet rock nails or screws to attach to the joists, trying to insure where the pieces meet is as level as possible. Then, use compound to fill the seams spreading out about 3-4 inches. Use jointing tape over the mud and smooth out the compound to attach the tape. Apply successive coats after each dries, until you have smooth, hidden seams. Then prime and paint. You may have to paint the entire ceiling to make it look right. I'm sure there's stuff online to help you see this better, but maybe this gives you some idea of what it takes so you can decide if you want to tackle it or pay someone to do it.
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