Asked on Oct 16, 2017

How to clean wooden funiture that has been in a house fire ?

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  • 27524803
    on Oct 16, 2017

    A good scrubbing, (use a soft brush if needed) with Murphy's Oil Soap should really help get the majority of the smell... a rinse with white vinegar and water should take care of the rest.. Don't forget to use a good oil furniture conditioner to re-moisturize the wood
  • Ebbjdl
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Start by wiping it down with a warm damp rag to get the residue off the wood. Next, wash it with Murphy's oil soap, follow the directions on the bottle, dry completely. Finish it off with Wilbert's lemon oil, buff to a nice shine, and it will moisten the furniture, so house heat won't dry it out.
  • Jean
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Of course my go to , I know the commentators are tired of me posting it. But the best thing for wood in need is new life mask &or moisturizer. The masque actually works like facial mask and pulls out the gunk in wood pores. I think that would help with smoke smell and looks. Then moisturizer.
    Can find at antique stores or online. New Life furniture care in San Antonio
  • Cindy
    on Oct 17, 2017

    I agree with Marty. Murphy's Oil Soap is a great product. It cleans wood well. I use it on my kitchen cabinets and my interior doors. I love how it makes wood shine.
  • Sharon
    on Oct 17, 2017

    I would use Murphy's soap and a sponge outside on a sunny day, then when they they are clean I would use Room Shocker with them all in the same room..... you can buy on Amazon
  • Sandra Allen
    on Oct 17, 2017

    The go-to for painters when they encounter "smokers walls" is to use TSP or TriSodiumPhosphate.
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