Step 1: Spread shaving cream on a cookie tray

Spread a thick layer of cream evenly across the entire tray

Step 2: Mix acrylic paint with fabric medium

This allows the acrylic paint to become fabric-ready

Step 3: Drip spots of paint onto the cream

You can choose whatever color scheme you'd like!

Step 5: Lay napkin on top of the cream

Carefully place it face down on top of the shaving cream and paint mixture

Step 6: Scrape off shaving cream with a ruler

Be sure to wipe the scraping tool clean before repeating this step

Step 7: Stretch the napkin and let it dry

Put it in the dryer at medium-high heat or place a sheet of paper on top of the fabric and iron it on a dry setting

Step 8: Surprise your family at dinner!

To make another napkin you should repeat the process rather than reusing the painted shaving cream leftovers

Next: Marbleizing With Milk and Dish Soap

Who would have thought that you can use 2 simple ingredients to do this!

Step 1: Pour milk into container

It doesn't matter what type of milk you use, we used whole milk

Step 3: Pour dish soap into bowl

You'll only be using a small amount of dish soap, so no need to pour a lot

Step 4: Dip Q-tip into soap

Get enough soap onto the Q-tip so that it will drip off

Step 5: Tap the soap over food coloring drops

Tap each of the dots of food coloring in the milk and watch the color explode!

Step 6: Swirl the food coloring around

Here's where you create your beautiful marble pattern

Step 8: Dip cardstock into mixture

Gently lay your paper in the mixture so that one side is entirely covered

Step 9: Display marbeled paper on fridge!

Don't forget to tell everyone that you marbelized the paper yourself!

Next: Marbelize With Nail Polish and Water

You won't believe how easy this one is - and the outcome is gorgeous!

Step 2: Grab the nail polish of your choice

Any color will look great! You can also use two colors together

Step 3: Pour nail polish into water

Pour a generous amount into the water

Step 4: Dip dish into water and rotate

Make sure to roll the dish around the entire piece is covered in paint

Step 5: Let dry and display!

There you have it - easy as 1,2,3!