Asked on Oct 17, 2017

My house has small room can you give me some ideas of how to makeover?

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  • Susan Mays
    on Oct 17, 2017

    If I could make the room into anything I wanted, I would first consider a small library/sitting room. Paint the walls a soft gray, add a nice book shelf or two and fill it/them with books and nothing else, a large overstuffed chair for one or two depending on the size of the room, an ottoman, a nice floor lamp, and an end table for drinks and things. I personally would have a wood floor and get a nice floor rug. Then add some wonderful wall art of your choice and you should be finished.
  • Ann Cherkas Halstead
    on Oct 17, 2017

    library. Reading nook. Craft area. What are you into? How about a closet.
  • Lisa S.
    on Oct 17, 2017

    Small apartment size furniture. Walls and window treatments same color.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 18, 2017

    what room are you referring to so the proper suggestion can be given
  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown
    on Oct 18, 2017

    try to keep furniture in scale with the size of the rooms and try not to over decorate or over furnish the rooms. Lighter colours and mirrors help to visually enlarge the space
  • Sharon
    on Oct 18, 2017

    If you post a picture, would help to see what will work best.
  • Ady30782389
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Hi thank you for your ideas, I have 2 boys one is 10 and the other one is 13 they share a room, their room is small, I need ideas of how to make their closet, more spacious, and what paint color will make their room look bigger.
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