Grab Some Pool Noodles And Copy These 3 Ideas

You won't believe that these beautiful projects are made from pool noodles!

By Hometalk Hits

Step 1: Cut 6 noodles in half length wise

Along with these 6 you will also need 3 more and an 8" concrete form

Step 2: Measure around cement form

Measure from one end 5" and make a mark around the entire circumference of the cement form

Step 3: Brush noodles with contact cement

Brush each cut side of the pool noodles with contact cement and the entire cement form. Allow to dry for 4 hours

Step 4: Begin laying noodles onto cement form

Lay your first noodle along the line on the cement form. It won't stick immediately so you have time to make adjustments

Step 5: Bend a noodle around the ends

Cut the noodle ends until it fits snuggly around the cement form

Step 5: Make rings and add to ends

One end should have two rings and one end should have one ring

Step 6: Place ring on wood and begin caulking

Place the end ring onto the wood pieces. This is your top and bottom

Step 7: Apply caulk to any open spaces

Apply caulk where each piece of noodle meets the next piece of noodle
and where the round piece of noodle meets the wood

Step 8: Apply texture spray onto column

Using a cloth, pat the texture spray so it is lying flat against the noodles.
Allow to dry

Step 9: Spray with primer and paint

Spray entire column with primer. Allow to dry and then spray with "stone" spray paint

Step 10: Display stone column in your home!

Who would guess this was made from pool noodles!

Next: Keep Boots Standing With Pool Noodles

Boot season is coming, this hack will help a ton!

Step 1: Measure noodle in boot and cut

Put the noodle inside the boot and mark it a drop lower than the top of the boot

Step 2: Cut your fabric

Cut fabric so it's 2.5 inches bigger than the noodle at the top and bottom and a few inches larger than the circumference

Step 3: Wrap fabric around pool noodle

Roll the pool noodle up like a pack of Christmas crackers

Step 4: Tie the ends

Tie off the ends with some ribbon

Step 5: Place in boots to keep them standing!

Now they stand up tall and stay in good shape

Next: Use A Pool Noodles To Make A Wreath

This ornament wreath is not only super customizable, but super easy too!

Step 1: Tape ends of pool noodles together

Take 2 pool noodles and tape two ends together with duct tape

Step 2: Shape into circle, cut and enclose

Cut to the size you want your wreath to be and tape the two ends of the noodles together to enclose the circle

Step 3: Hot glue large ornaments

Hot glue large ornaments to the outside of the noodle ring, being sure to give variety to the order

Step 4: Glue ornaments to inner edge

Hot glue ornaments to the inner edge of the circle in the same manner

Step 5: Cover noodle entirely with ornaments

Pile ornaments on the top of the noodle to cover up entirely. You can fill in small spaces with smaller ornaments

Step 6: Add battery powered lights

Take a small wired battery powered light strand and wrap it around the ornaments and through the greens

Step 7: Hang and admire!

It's better looking than we expected!