How To Make A Weed-Free Brick Driveway (That Stays That Way!)

3 Materials
2 Days

Do you have an interlocking paver driveway? Then you understand my frustration. Do you have a brick patio? Then you can feel my pain. Weeds. The little buggers are pervasive and persistent.
how to make a weed free brick driveway that stays that way
We were fortunate enough to buy a house with an interlocking brick driveway.  A great feature for any home.  But, often I would find myself envying neighbors with asphalt driveways.  They weren't out there for hours on the weekend weeding their driveway.  
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how to make a weed free brick driveway that stays that way
About once a year I'd get fed up with the weeds and sit on the driveway and weed until my hands throbbed.  I'd feel satisfied with my hard work, until less than a week later the weeds returned with a vengeance.  They wanted revenge.
how to make a weed free brick driveway that stays that way
Four years ago, after we renovated, we needed to build a new walkway to our front door.  It was then we discovered Polymeric Sand.  I describe it as sand that glues itself together and makes no room for weeds to infiltrate.  We used this product on our walkway and have had little to no problem with weeds.  We needed to use this to take our driveway back from the weed mob.
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how to make a weed free brick driveway that stays that way
We used an edging tool to find and cut the driveway edge.  We then pulled up the clumps of grass and tossed them in the composter. We also rented a 36" Sweepster for the day. We lowered the brush as low as it would go and swept back and forth, up and down over a dozen times each way, and it worked really, really well!

Suggested materials:

  • Polymeric Sand
  • Garden Edger
  • Sweepster

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  • Mathewsgirl
    on Dec 20, 2017

    I have read and successfully tried appyling boiling hot water to a small area at a time, with extreme caution not to burn yourself. Within 1 to 2 days the weeds just dry up and powder away. Slowly drench the spot you are working chemicals, no hard worked for me.
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