Old fireplace needs an upgrade

Can anyone offer some ideas on how to make this fireplace look better? I added the fabric at the bottom to try and help. There’s normally a gas heater that sits right in front of it. Thanks!
q old fireplace needs an upgrade
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  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on Oct 18, 2017
    You could paint it a nice color as a pop element in the room or just to add some color. Here are some links with ideas too, like using tile, texturing, etc:
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 18, 2017
    Does it have an opening ,is that a cover?
  • Gracie Gracie on Oct 18, 2017
    you could paint it since it blends right into the wall. It's a very odd shape though. Does the thing in the middle remove?
  • 27524803 27524803 on Oct 18, 2017
    If the insert is cast iron I would strip and restore it... a larger more rustic wood mantle, wider than the fireplace.. the brick could be restored or painted a color that would contrast with the walls (dark grey, black,) or you could install a tile or marble surround and hearth... there are some very nice wood grain or large format tiles (18 in X 36 in ) that look like concrete but are ceramic... and only about $6 a sq. foot. We have a store called "Floor and Decor" here in Phoenix and you can see some of what is available online.
  • Roxaneg Roxaneg on Oct 18, 2017
    Rather than trying to hide it, I would highlight it-- strip away the paint from the insert and let the original metal-- cast iron?-- stand out. The mantle could be updated with a nice piece of hardwood that can hold some nice family mementos and be a show place for them.
  • 27524803 27524803 on Oct 18, 2017
    If the insert is cast iron you could strip it and paint it black. A more rustic wood beam as a mantle. I would either cover the brick with an interesting tile, maybe on the hearth area too, something darker than the walls. There are some nice large format tiles (18 in X 36 in for example, but they do come bigger) that look like concrete or Marble... or ones with a pattern... We have a place called Floor and Decor here in Phoenix... and you can see some of the stuff that is available (for ideas) at their website
  • Gracie Gracie on Oct 18, 2017
    if it does, you could put fake logs in there with some battery-operated candles. Or, you could get a pretty fireplace screen.
  • Nichole Nichole on Oct 18, 2017
    This will definitely be a “non-working” fireplace. Probably by the weekend I’ll be bringing in our gas heater that sits in the middle of it.

  • Sharon Sharon on Oct 18, 2017
    I too would strip that old painted tile and the cast iron firebox cover. Then if its not exciting underneath, I would faux paint the tile.... marble, tortoise, etc. and the firebox cover I would do black or a metallic like Rustoleum Metallic comes in lots of colors.... I do like black or grey metallic.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 19, 2017
    I would paint it a different colorant add a larger mantel,put a large picot over the mantel as well
  • Becky Becky on Oct 20, 2017
    Looks like it was formerly a coal grate. We have one and I had gas put in with coal. The coal looks real it heats up, glows. and even forms ashes. We love it.The cover is bronze and a lot of them are. I would restore the cover and have someone check the chimney to make sure it is all clear. It needs an entire mantel surround. You can find them on Craigslist and in consignment shops. Sometimes even Habitat which also has granite tile a lot of time. Once the mantel is in surround the opening with granite right over whats there. This would make a beautiful focal point!