Vintage Inspired Laundry Room

6 Materials
6 Weeks

In just 6 weeks, we have turned our dated 80s laundry room into a Vintage Inspired laundry room that would compliment any farmhouse!

The walls are the original, builder’s grade cream from 30 years ago. The trim and door is a peachy paint. The cabinets are a dingy dark brown and that utility cabinet/breaker box door never seems to latch.

We started with a dated laundry room, weathered and worn floors, and a ginormous water heater.

We moved the water heater and installed the floors. We moved the water heater to the opposite side of the wall, in our garage. You can see the original pipes in the corner now going from the crawlspace, through the wall to the opposite side.

You can read the full details about the floor in this post.

We painted the cabinet, and added side shelves to an odd space between the wall and the cabinets above our washer and dryer. It finishes off the look.

We repurposed an old cabinet for shelving, an we built a bench. Then we started adding beadboard and trim to the side of the cabinet and back of the bench. We also put the moulding back on the top and base of the old cabinet, trimming it to fit this space.

Week 4 including painting the built ins as well as hiding a breaker box.

Finally, we put in the final decor touches. The drying rack was fully functional.

We added hooks to the built-in mudroom bench.

All in all - we are amazed that this took only 6 weeks.

Many details of the install are in the link below, as well as the cost break down of how we did this on a budget.

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Noting Grace

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!


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24 questions
  • Ikc28165787
    on Nov 2, 2017

    nicely done! very bright. but where did you put the water heater?
    • Heidi
      on Nov 2, 2017

      I was wondering the same thing!
    • Julie
      on Nov 2, 2017

      Me too!
    • Rebecca L guertler
      on Nov 2, 2017

      they must have basement , the water heater is in the basement
    • Tara Austin
      on Nov 2, 2017

      when we renovated, our water heater got moved out back, they built a little shed around it
    • Noting Grace
      on Nov 2, 2017

      We moved the water heater to the opposite side of the wall, in the garage.
    • Sue Roll
      on Nov 2, 2017

      She writes that they moved it to the other side of the wall---into the garage. States that it is permitted in TN.
  • Gretta Grotton Hoxie
    on Nov 2, 2017

    its beautiful! great job.!!! 2 questions do you no longer use and ironing board? and do you not use laundry baskets?
    • Angela Cosner
      on Nov 2, 2017

      Gretta instead of ironing board you can simply use a thick towel doubled over on your counter top, Just watch our for heat with your counters finish.
    • Noting Grace
      on Nov 2, 2017

      I use a steamer that I have in my closet. And each room has hampers that we use as laundry baskets. I do have an ironing board that I use rarely and that is tucked away in a closet as well. Hope that helps.
  • Andrea
    on Nov 2, 2017

    FANTASTIC JOB!!!! but where is the water heater?
    • Noting Grace
      on Nov 2, 2017

      We moved it to the other side of the wall, in our garage - which is permitted in TN
    • Kris29
      on Nov 2, 2017

      Has to be outside in CA
    • Andrea
      on Nov 2, 2017

      I guess in California you won't be affected by seasonal changes in temperature when it comes to energy costs.
    • Andrea
      on Nov 2, 2017

    • Cathy L
      on Nov 2, 2017

      I live in CA. Our water heater is in the garage. Our home is only 17 years old.
    • Julia
      on Nov 2, 2017

      I live in California. One house has the hot water heater in the laundry room off the house but is inside. The other house has the hot water heater outside. The houses are in different counties, so not sure if that is an issue. The new heater was installed 3 months ago, and that is where it has always been since we bought the house 30 years ago.

  • Valerie jones
    on Nov 2, 2017

    Do you use the cabs above w&d? I keep looking at mine and there’s no way I could reach cabs
    • Noting Grace
      on Nov 2, 2017

      We do use them, but my husband and I are both tall, so the reach isn't much of an issue for us.  I store cleaning supplies and laundry soaps in the cabinets.
    • Neva Dew
      on Nov 20, 2017

      Access is easier if the upper cabinets are mounted on 2 x 4's attached to the wall. Ours are mounted with the 4" side to the wall, but it could be with the 2" side to the wall, extending the cabinets even further out.

  • Becky
    on Nov 2, 2017

    I love the high shelf above the drying rack - just being nosy here (and trying to get ideas for what I can get out of my own way), what type of stuff do you keep up there? Beautiful job, btw.
    • Noting Grace
      on Nov 3, 2017

      Thank you so much and great question. We keep our off season gloves, scarves and hats in those buckets.
    • Teri Marsh Souders
      on Nov 12, 2017

      good place to hid goodies / candy / off season items!

  • Phyllis Rodgers
    on Nov 25, 2017

    Probably my favorite makeover of any room yet. You thought of everything and it is beautiful. Do you have a laundry hamper/basket in here?
    • Noting Grace
      on Dec 5, 2017

      I purposely left out the laundry/hamper because I'm training my boys to do their own laundry and the hampers are in their room. Eventually, I'd love to make the space under the folding table a spot for a slide out hamper. But for now - gotta get my boys in line! LOL

      Thanks for asking!
  • Deb7576283
    on Dec 1, 2017

    Love the lights where did you purchase these ?
    • Noting Grace
      on Dec 5, 2017

      We built the light box ourselves but the light kit and cages come from Lowe's. Hope that helps!
  • San10942875
    on Dec 11, 2017

    GREAT Job! Looks so updated and fresh! DId you do the bathroom too?
  • Richard S. Mcguire
    on Dec 13, 2017

    What color paint did you use on the cupboards? Beautiful!
  • Nina Williams
    on Dec 20, 2017

    How is called the wall paper and where from? Is very nice, in fact i like everything:)
  • Jane Mahaney
    on Dec 25, 2017

    Where did you find the hooks? Nice and beefy, just what I want for my mudroom! It is beautiful. Good job!
  • Debbie Roeser-Park
    on Dec 26, 2018

    What an amazing redo! Did you build your drying rack or did you purchase it? If purchased, where did you find it?

    • CarlyTee
      on Dec 26, 2018

      She made it...

    • Beth
      on Dec 28, 2018

      They sell these drying racks at Walmart, though. They are not expensive.

  • Lyn
    on Dec 26, 2018

    Folding table?? I see the wood top in the cabinets, but what is the “folding” bit?

    i love it all great job!!!

    • Kc
      on Dec 26, 2018

      This is an area to fold it's a folding table.

    • Nadine Hartman Bourne
      on Dec 26, 2018

      The folding part of a folding table is you standing at the table/counter folding the clothes.

    • Lyn
      on Dec 26, 2018

      ooooohhhhhh!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      thank you for ‘splaining it to me!!!!

  • NancyMaria
    on Dec 27, 2018

    I think the whole look is wonderful. But since you have the water pipes there didn't you think about installing a deep utility sink?

    • Noting Grace
      on Feb 6, 2019

      I did, but it wasn't in our budget. We did leave the pipes accessible for that plan down the road. But now we've moved!

  • Jessica Castellon
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Where did you put the water heater?? Love the update, I’m definitely doing this to my laundry room.

    • Noting Grace
      on Feb 6, 2019

      In TN, it's permissible to have the water heater in the garage, which was on the opposite side of the wall. We simply moved it there without having to move the plumbing.

  • Ruth Soule
    on Jan 2, 2019

    Where did you put the water heater? They can’t be enclosed, so did you move it somewhere else?

    • Mj
      on Jan 2, 2019

      She said they ran the pipes thru the wall out to the garage and put the tank out there. Great idea for room space and any heat from tank won't make laundry room uncomfortable 💙👍

    • Tracey Jackson
      on Jan 2, 2019

      Why can't you enclose the water heater?

    • Leslie
      on Jan 2, 2019

      They moved it to the garage 😀

    • Noting Grace
      on Feb 6, 2019

      Yes - we moved it to the garage. Check with your codes - its not permissible in every location.

  • Remodel came out beautiful. Just wondering how to use drying rake with cabinet underneath? Just curious.

    • Noting Grace
      on Feb 6, 2019

      It tilts at an angle, with the top rung clearing the cabinet space by 3 inches. I put the shorter garments on the bottom rung and the longer ones on the top rung. Hope that helps!

  • Bonnie Lines Aarseth
    on Jan 2, 2019

    I’ve seen several drying rack ideas like this. Can someone post a picture of items actually drying on the rack, please? I can’t picture it in my imagination. Thx

    • Noting Grace
      on Feb 6, 2019

      I will search thru my pics to see if I have one, but we've since moved from that home.

  • Beth
    on Jan 3, 2019

    Where did you find the blanket/quilt/rug beater? It is a Wonderful touch that adds that special touch of vintage!

    Love the whole room. Going to be redoing mine soon!

  • Nancy
    on Jan 6, 2019

    Where did you get that great light fixture? I love what you did. It really made your laundry room functional.

  • Brandy
    on Jan 7, 2019

    The drying rack did you build it or buy it?

  • Cathy
    on Feb 6, 2019

    Love what you did.

    do you live in warm weather? Just curious ,cause you said you moved the hot water tank to the garage. I’ve never heard of that before but I live in Michigan where it gets freezing cold in winter and that would be a problem.

    • Noting Grace
      on Feb 6, 2019

      This house is in Tennessee, so yes, it's permissible with the state code (according to our plumber). I would check with your codes/regulations to make sure it's allowable. It would not be good if you went to resell and found out that you have to move it again.

      Hope that helps!

    • Cathy
      on Feb 6, 2019

      Yes is does

      thank you so much. Didnt think of that.

    • Beth
      on Mar 3, 2019

      We live in Northern Alabama (40 miles from the TN line) and ours is in the garage, too. However, we do have an insulation blanket (purchased at Home Depot) on it to help in the winter months. It still gets down to the teens occasionally here.

  • AF
    on Mar 13, 2019

    What were your paint colors?

  • Verneil Johnson
    on Mar 25, 2019

    Does anyone answer the questions?

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