Asked on Oct 19, 2017

Looking for a Match!

DebbieGinnyS Shafran


First...looking for another one of these Stanley fliptop buffets circa 1990's. If you have one and want to sell it, let me know! Second, my new home will have warmer maple wood tones. So do I paint my beloved buffet or stain it a bit darker? Can't decide!!!
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  • Johnavallance82
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Why not just colour the trims to match in with your new home?
    • Lara Harvey
      on Oct 19, 2017

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  • Catherine Anspaugh
    on Oct 19, 2017

    I wouldn’t do either one. I think the piece is beautiful as is and obviously you do as well. Mixed woods look great together.
  • Anna
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Paint the walls, not the furniture.
  • OlyGal
    on Oct 19, 2017

    Maybe just strip the top to stain darker and keep the lighter bottom.

  • Dawn Carberry
    on Oct 19, 2017

    I happen to have the matching China cabinet, top light with glass shelves. Personally, I like mixing wood; I don't really care to have everything match.
  • V Smith
    on Oct 20, 2017

    If you come in to a second server it may be a different color or finish. Hold off doing anything to your existing piece until you know what the second one looks like. If it is done in a wood stain you may want to paint it to match yours. When you have a painted piece it is very hard to get it down to virgin wood so that it will accept a stain evenly. The piece you have is very nice hopefully you will find its twin. Painted pieces are always a nice way to have a curated look rather than a suite of the showroom floor. Happy Hunting!
  • S Shafran
    on Oct 21, 2017

    Stain it darker warm brown. This color is looking unfinished.
  • Ginny
    on Oct 21, 2017

    I would leave it as is. Looks lovely.
  • Debbie
    on Nov 14, 2017

    My husband sanded and stained our Stanley massive cocktail table in a warmer brown color and it turned out beautifuly. The grain of the wood can be seen in the finished table so much more than the lighter piece. I have the sofa table that he's going to do next. We bought a Stanley dining room set, bedroom set and other pieces in the 1990s. You could stain the buffet or leave it ligh; it's ultimately your choice Sheila. Good Luck.
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