Step 1: Measure the diameter of your cake pan

Measure the diameter of your cake pan in 2 different spots where you would like your shelves to rest

Step 2: Mark measurements on wood

Take your measurements from step 2 and draw a line across the lumber at each distance

Step 3: Saw wood on marked lines

Take your measurements from step 2 and draw a line across the lumber at each distance

Step 4: Sponge paint pan ring (optional)

Place a blot of your paint on a sponge and dab it onto the ring of the cake pan and set aside to dry

Step 5: Insert wood pieces into ring

Place your wood pieces into the ring of the cake pan and make sure they are resting level.

Step 6: Drill holes through pan and shelves

Take a drill and drill a pilot hole through the outside of the cake pan into the side of the shelves on each side

Step 7: Screw drawer pulls into holes

Screw your drawer pulls into the holes you just drilled until they are tightly in place

Step 8: Add picture hangers to the back

Turn your shelf over so the back is facing up and screw picture hangers into the back

Step 9: Hang on wall and fill shelves!

Fill up your shelves with whatever you wish!

Next: Repurposed Hangers Into Wall Hooks

A couple of wooden hangers and a piece of wood board are basically all you need to make a multipurpose wall hook on the fly!

Step 1: Draw lines on hanger and saw pieces

Saw a straight line 5" on top of your hanger and 1" beneath the base of the hook of the hanger. Cut more hangers

Step 2: Sand edges

Sand down the edges of the cuts you have just made

Step 3: Glue hanger ends to ends of board

Place the ends of your hangers on either end, glue in place and allow to dry

Step 4: Glue hooks in place

Grab the hooks you cut off and disperse them evenly between the ends you just glued to the board

Step 5: Secure hooks with tack nails

Grab a hammer and drive the tacks through the pieces and into the wood board

Step 6: Stain or paint your piece (optional)

If you want to stain or paint your piece go ahead and do that now

Step 7: Add pictures hangers to back of board

Once the paint has dried, add picture hangers to the back of the wood board to so you can hang your piece

Step 8: Hang your hooks and use for anything!

These multipurpose hooks will be the perfect addition to your home!

Next: Tissue Box Turned Storage Bins

Why not repurpose something you have on hand to help clean the clutter?

Step 1: Cut fabric to size of tissue box

Wrap the fabric around the box to make sure it is large enough to cover all sides fully and cut fabric

Step 2: Cut off tops of boxes

Cut off the top portion of each box so that you'll be able to easily place items inside

Step 3: Spray bottom with glue

Use a spray glue to cover the bottom of the box and then place it on the fabric

Step 4: Cut slits in the fabric at each corne

Mark a straight line on fabric against each side of the box, cut slits along the lines

Step 5: Fold and glue all fabric in place

Press all the fabric into place making sure there are no bubbles

Step 6: Store your items inside!

Who knew organization could be this easy!