Asked on Oct 19, 2017

Leveling a old wooden bathroom floor



I have a very old bathroom that used to be a porch. The floors are 3 1/2" tongue and groove and we're installed with a1/2" drop for drainage.
The old toilet looks like it didn't seal on the flange because of the slant, and it rotted floor under toilet.
My question is could I use self-leveling compound, which would be pretty thick at the outside wall. Or could I install a new flange at angle to make it level for toilet.
I want to install vinyl tile or whatever might work.
If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them.

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  • Castrang17
    on Oct 20, 2017

    The floor is rotted, no other solution than to remove the rotted wood (remove the toilet first), scrape away the rotted wood. You should replace the wood boards or repair the whole flooring. Check the toilet for cracks and water seepage. You will have a continued rotting problem until the problem is dried out. New vinyl tile sounds, like a must. Toilets can be flusterating. I would get an expert carpenter opinion when it comes to your drop for drainage and compound question. Do it right. So you don't have to do it over again. Good luck!
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