Asked on Oct 19, 2017

How to remove rust from metal accent table.

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7 answers
  • Roxaneg
    on Oct 20, 2017

    Lots of different ways to do this, but you'll probably need to sand it anyway before priming and painting it.

    If you want to neutralize the rust and turn it into something that acts a primer, Rustoleum has a product called Black Rust Converter that sprays on and stops the rust. Generally, you don't sand afterward since the black finish is the primer. WD-40's Rust Remover Soak does a great job on rust. Naval Jelly is also good.
    • Madison Bartlett
      on Oct 22, 2017

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  • Glenda Pino
    on Oct 20, 2017

    Thank for your help 👍.I try the WD 40 first.
  • Sharon
    on Oct 20, 2017

    I usually use steel wool 000 & 0000 grade, sometimes a very fine brass wire brush also for tough spots. Naval Jelly is my next option, but wear gloves and goggles as its caustic. Then I use Rustoleum metal paints also. They make a couple gold colored spray paints,
  • Kathleen Farmer
    on Oct 20, 2017

    Ketchup. The acid in it will desolve the rust. Rub off with a cloth , then wipe with damp cloth to remove any residue let dry then spray with clear sealant.
  • DesertRose
    on Oct 20, 2017

    Mr. Clean Magical eraser is advertised for removing rust. However if it in antique table, you may want to consult an antique dealer before removing what they call the patina off the metal.
  • FL
    on Oct 20, 2017

    Lovely table! It looks so unique! I think Lenora is right about checking with an antiques dealer to make sure you do not devalue the piece with your efforts!
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