Asked on Oct 20, 2017

Electric stovetop needs cleaning and nothing works!

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How do I remove these marks? I've tried glass and ceramic cleaners and doesn't remove all marks! Anything else I can try??
q electric stovetop needs cleaning and nothing works
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  • Anne Wingate
    on Oct 20, 2017

    I have the same problem. All I can say is learn to live with it.
    • Barbara Winborne
      on Oct 23, 2017

      If it is a porous surface. The stains cannot be removed and replacing the top costs almost as much as a new stove
  • Dawn
    on Oct 20, 2017

    You can try Bar Keepers Friend. You can find it among the comet and Ajax cleansers.
  • Susan
    on Oct 20, 2017

    I had the same issue. I used the ceramic cleaner but let it sit fairly wet on the eye, scrub, reapply, let sit until the stained area was gone. You need to be careful not to scrub to hard or you will damage the surface and just make matters worse. I find that if I am careful not to start any pot on high heat I don't have this issue.
  • Mary
    on Oct 20, 2017

    those marks are scratches or scars in the glass top of the stovetop unit. It is from use, pots and pans can scratch the surface and you do learn to live with them
  • Judie Blincoe Culp
    on Oct 20, 2017

    I use the cleaner,and let it set for a while, then use a single edge razor blade to scrape it. That came from the people at Sears when I bought it about 15 years ago!!!!!!

  • Dko30605956
    on Oct 20, 2017

    Razor blade, it's grease&I do it all the time.
  • Gina Reynolds
    on Oct 20, 2017

    Thenk you so much Julie! Wish my Sears salesman had been that forthcoming. LOL
  • LLC11715518
    on Oct 22, 2017

    Use a magic eraser
  • Angie Waldner
    on Oct 22, 2017

    I am out of it, so I don't remember the name of it ,but what it will do is clean all the black heard burned on stuff marks off the glass window of a wood stove You just spray it on let it set, then wipe it off with paper towels. you may have to hit it twice. I use it to get the black marks off the inside of the glass of the stove oven. window.That might help you Look for cleaner that cleans wood stove glass at Walmart or Lowes some place like that. I hated my glass toped stove I was blessed it just cracked in half one day .I walked in the kitchen and it went pop and it cracked I was so happy To get that think out of the house.
  • Diana Deiley
    on Oct 22, 2017

    I have a glass top stove and use Barkeepers soft spray cleanser. Works great. I spray, lightly scrub with a kitchen sponge, rinse, repeat if needed. Sometimes I clean it with window cleaner afterwards!  Best of luck.
  • Lisa Carr
    on Oct 23, 2017

    Use salt and a damp magic dresser sponge

  • Karla
    on Oct 23, 2017

    I clean quite a few homes and what I'm going to tell you is not recommended by the manufacture of the stove tops. Try a test patch first, but in 10 yrs., I haven't ruined a stove top yet! Spray the top with any basic cleaner or water. Sprinkle on some powdered Bar Keeper's Friend. Get a green scrub i.e. - those flat ones. I've tried other colors, but there's something more abrasive on the green ones. Just scrub around. Stuff should come over fav easily. I had one home where their teenage daughter laid the dish towel on the hot stove top. You could see the thread pattern. This took two times, but I got it off. After you get it all clean, spray glass cleaner on it and wipe to a nice shine. (1/2 alcohol and 1/2 water is a great glass cleaner) good luck!
  • Anne Wingate
    on Oct 25, 2017

    It's not porous; it's smooth ceramic; but it does not all come off. We even had a professional cleaner work on it and she couldn't get it totally clean. I correct myself; it is clean, but it's stained.
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