Asked on Oct 21, 2017

I have an 8' easement in the back of my yard. How to decorate fence?



It has a privacy fence

3 answers
  • Dfm
    on Oct 21, 2017

    when it comes to fences, check city codes. each city has its own preferences
    my town says to put a fence on the lot line, my mom's town says 3 inches off the lot line. out in the country side the fence project ca be split in the stand and face the fence.. you are responsible fr the side to your right.

    you need to find out when the fence was built, and hat the new codes are.
  • FL
    on Oct 21, 2017

    Please repost your question. Thanks.
  • Cindy
    on Oct 21, 2017

    Please regroup and come back with a little more info. We are always happy to help.
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