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Asked on Oct 21, 2017

How do organize a shed to fullest potential

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  • SandyG
    on Oct 21, 2017

    Shelving or hanging space on the walls is a great way to get items off the floor. A barrel to store yard tools like rakes, shovels, post hole diggers, etc in keeps all long handle tools in one place. (Store handle first in barrel) . Ladders can also be hung from wall or ceiling. Just making sure that "everything has a place" and not just tossed into the shed will help keep your shed tidy and have easy access to items.
  • Fiddledd224
    on Oct 21, 2017

    I would organize it around the largest pieces you store in there (lawn mower, snow blower, swimming pool cover, etc.) and then add shelves for the smaller things. Hang anything that has a handle or a hook to make space on the floor.
  • Kauai Breeze
    on Oct 21, 2017

    Keep things off the floor. Add lots of hooks and hangers for rakes and tools, add shelves for smaller items. A work bench is great, but leave enough room to push your lawn mower and larger items underneath it. Use the space above the rafters to hold items you rarely use like tomato cages. Use 5 gallon plastic buckets to hold leftover lime and fertilizer so it doesn't get hard. There are even hangers to hang your wheelbarrow.
  • John Sue Funk
    on Oct 21, 2017

    Haul the crap to the dump. Build shelves
  • Mary Coakley
    on Oct 21, 2017

    You could hang up a lot on hooks which would free up floor room have a box for garden tools
  • Jan
    on Oct 21, 2017

    My husband built a large hanging shelf (back attached with hinges, front held up by chains from the ceiling). That is in one corner in the back. It is only half the width of the shed, so the snowblower, lawnmower, etc., can go below it. Open side allows for storage of taller items. We also have an inexpensive plastic shelving unit, and pegboard holding small hand tools. A hanging shoe organizer - the kind with pockets - on the inside of the door works great for cable ties, gloves, etc.
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