Asked on Oct 21, 2017

Best way to winter geraniums also hibiscus young plants?

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  • Karen Tokarse
    on Oct 21, 2017

    Before the first frost, bring geraniums into your garage (preferably under a window), cut WAY back, water and keep watering a LITTLE throughout the winter. If you live in an area where winters are really cold, you may have to bring the geraniums into the house or basement. For the hibiscus, I just bring into the house, cut back a little, and keep them watered throughout winter.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Oct 22, 2017

    Re-pot in the next size containers with fresh soil,spray the leaves with horticultural oil,bring indoors and place in a bright location
  • AuntQueenie
    on Oct 22, 2017

    my geranium pots are large and I have had them for years. I bought the light weight plant (tree or shrub) frost covers. I got long enough to cover my patio plants in two rows. I move them to the flowerbed, that the fencing blocks the northern exposure the most. Being on the dirt is better for them than on concrete, they get (any) sun that may come out and depending on the actual temperature ( with windchill) I just pull back the covering and give them as much exposure as possible, and water only in the days I do that. Just enough water to keep things alive, you dots want to over water. The frost/cold protectors are great. They are lightweight which make them easy to work with and store. They repellent moisture, and if snow does gather the weight of the covering doesn't get really heavy and crunch my plants. On my front porch I use a bed sheet, and cover it with an old shower curtain to help keep the moisture and cold off the plants. If the sheet gets wet, I replace it with a dry one, etc. etc. I care for them in the same way giving them sunlight when suitable. My front door faces south and I have had the largest plant there for about 9years so it works pretty good.
  • AuntQueenie
    on Oct 22, 2017

    i have other types of plants and flowers as well on my back patio that survive and thrive through the the winter. Rosemary, Palm tree, centranilla ,mums.
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