Asked on Oct 22, 2017

How to eliminate roaches?



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  • Dai14251300
    on Oct 22, 2017

    buy insect boards that r sticky when there all stuck on fold in half n run over w ur car
  • Nancy
    on Oct 23, 2017

    I also read you need to wash with hot soapy water any trails they have or when one is killed. I also put duct tape on any holes they could come in from.
  • Julie
    on Oct 23, 2017

    Thats a difficult task...coming from house got invaded by roaches when I moved my sisters things into my house (no matter how diligent, careful, and spray, bomb, and chase them down for the kill, I did)..still got the nasty roaches in my home...and went on a search for better methods to eliminate them without bombing the house every week...not effective and not healthy for us. Found roaches have two natural predators..the gecko and the centipede. I also found an equal mix of granulated sugar and baking soda to be very effective. I mixed up the roach sugar delight, cut up an egg carton, filled each egg holder half way, placed them in drawers and cabinets in every room..and half thinking that Orkin man who provided the roach recipe might have been joking. To my surprize, the roach invasion within a week was drastically reduced. The Orkin man said that when roaches eat baking soda it is too acidic for the digestion of the roaches so it kills them...since roaches wont willing eat the baking soda...the sugar blend disguises it and they eat it up. Another remedy he mentioned was boric acid.. it works by getting on them when they roam about and it eats through their nasty little bodies. Im down to just a few now, but as much as I dispise cockroaches Im willing to free a gecko in my home..especially since they can eat around two hundred a day...and can catch them a lot faster than me. Hope this helps.
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